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Steam Stack!

   Posted by: BeerMkr

We installed the kettle steam stack at the brewery today. It is an 8″ piece of stainless vent with copper bands around the joints to give it some more rigidity and cover the ugly joints.


Cold Liquor Tank Part III

   Posted by: BeerMkr

Okay it is almost done. We wrapped the copper bands and screwed it into each board to secure the slats in place. Three bands and 156 screws later and I think it looks pretty cool.

A close up of the band and screws.

The “finished” product. The finish is an oil preservative that really made the bands stand out.

We will have the rest of the plumbing hooked up this week and fill it up for a test cool.


Cold Liquor Tank Part II

   Posted by: BeerMkr

Not a big blurb but just a picture of the copper bands we folded up yesterday to go around the barrel.

They are 3 inches wide and 14 feet long. Quite a trick on a 10 foot metal brake!


How to Build a Cold Liquor Tank

   Posted by: BeerMkr

Some of you may know what that is but for those that don’t here is a little background.

In the Brewing process we use cold water that we call cold liquour. It is not alcoholic or anything just treated to be brewing water. In my cas generally it is just filtered trhough a carbon filter. So the big question is how do you get the water cold? The two main ways are to put a single walled tank into a walk in cooler and let it cool down that way. The other is to use a jacketed tank that has something like glycol cooling around it.

We had a tank that was a single wal plastic tank so we should have put it in the walk-in. The issue is that the walk-in is a long way from the brewery, so we decided to convert our plastic tank into a jacketed tank. We did this by wrapping 1/2″ PEX tubing around it from bottom to top spaced every 3 inches or so and duct taped in place. Then we had spray foam insulation sprayed on it. Job done. Now it looked like a big yello marshmallow!

Considering the showplace quality of the brewery this would not do so we built a barrel around it. I have been wanting to do something like thsi for some time on my homebrew system and after this I am definately going to do it soon!

Pictures below:

We stapled a strap on to each board to hold them together.

The first board was close fit around the overflow pipe to use it as an anchor and start point.

Two straps top and bottom are holding the whole barrel together until we get the permanant straps fabricated and installed.



   Posted by: BeerMkr

Just a quick post for those of you that are curious about the new brewery. Here is a picture of the brew system. Sorry, cell phone camera so it sucks:

River Company Brew System