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Our descent into hell (Hampton Roads)

   Posted by: BeerMkr

I swear, if I ever wonder what brought me to move to a small town, all it takes is one trip back to Hampton Roads. We went down over the weekend for our grand-daughter to be’s baby shower and it reminded me just how much I hate big cities again.

There is something about being crowded on an interstate or for that matter stopped on an interstate and it being the norm vs. the exception.

I think my blood pressure rose 20 points while I was there and I felt physically better as I drove away on Sunday.

All you that still live there… do yourselves a favor, find a small town and I guarantee your lives will benefit from it.


Airlines piss me off!

   Posted by: BeerMkr

So I decided that I wanted to come home a little earlier than I expected.  My ticket was for 2:45 pm and there were flights earlier.  I went to the airport where they told me that I could change my ticket to an earlier flight but it would cost me $150. WTF???!!

Oh but if I wait until the day of the flight it will only be $50. WTFx2??!?!

Why it the hell should it cost anything to change and electronic ticket that has not even be printed to another flight that HAS EMPTY SEATS? 

Cap that off with having to pay $15 per bag to check luggage.  Come on.  This makes everyone carry their bags onto the plan where it creates a cluster in the cabin. Do the airlines honestly believe that people take less with them? Why can we not just set a max weight per passenger including baggage.  Say 350 pounds or so.  If you want to carry more stuff with you then lose weight.  I packed for a week and carried more stuff back with me and the bag still weighed under 50 pounds (and it is loaded with beer!) plus my weight and I am well under 350 pounds. If you go over then you can pay and excess fee. Say $1 per pound. I support this and I expect anyone who has been stuck in a seat beside a fat traveler probably supports it too.

Enough to say airlines can cram it up their hind ends.  I think I will start carrying my roll along on board. Wait a minute. They can check it at the plane… wonder how much that costs?


Made in USA

   Posted by: BeerMkr

I am a huge proponent of keeping manufacturing in the states. We just can not afford to send all our jobs overseas and lose our ability to produce quality goods.

The problem is sometimes my faith in US manufacture is shaken. Let me tell you about today at work.

We have round tables for our banquet room. There are 15 of them and 10 of them are warped. I think it is becasue they are using the cheapest plywood they can find to make it. So we called the company and the sent us some replacements. The new ones showed up warped. We refused the shipment. Today the truck showed up with 10 new tables and they are straight. The problem is that the quality of the construction plain-old sucks. There are chunks for wood sticking out from the edging and the plywood is covered in filled knots.

Why would any company send out product like this. It is almost like they just expect to ride on the big Made in USA sticker on the bottom.

Quality control is why the Japanese are wupping our ass in cars (Ford is getting there), and why people are getting frustrated with US builders.

Get it together guys or we are going to sink deeper into the muck we are in.


The Victim Mentality

   Posted by: BeerMkr

I am so tired of the American Victim Mentality. Please don’t get me wrong, I am a proud American and i have made more than my fair share of mistakes in the past. I have overspent, underplaned and suffered the consequnces.

What prompted this post? This story:

Summary: The post prints a cartoon parodying the chip attack and the stimulous bill. Al Sharpton and his militant black freinds all get pissed and say that it is racist.

My take: Why the hell do they always have to play the race card? Why can some people not see the ridiculousness of the whole situation? No person that truly understands the “stimulous” bill can really tell me that it is going to do anything for the average person except delay the inevitable. If you can not afford your house there is probably a reason for it.

I am my family have been there. We had an ARM mortgage. WE paid it on time every month. When the job situation raised its head we did what we could but ended up having to move. We rent now and have to support the family here. this means that we have been unable to pay the mortgage on the house since September. I see foreclosure in the future if it is not sold. Does this make me a bad guy? I don’t think so.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that we signed a contract to sell it yesterday. It looks like we are going to be able to save what little credit rating we have left and move on. It is a huge burden off of us. Would the ‘stimulous” bill have helped us? Probably not. Instead of staying in the house and being unemployed I went looking for a job because working is the answer to stimulating the ecomomy. Work, Evaluate your lifestyle, and support your local economy. Problem fixed.

Not letting a bunch of politicians write a bill that could have better been written by chimpanzees….


First night of school

   Posted by: BeerMkr

So school starts tonight. I am interested to see how it goes. The classes I am taking are somewhat easy if you look at my background but I guess they will get me back in the swing of school. We shall see.

Web Page Design I is tonight.

More later….