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The Victim Mentality

   Posted by: BeerMkr

I am so tired of the American Victim Mentality. Please don’t get me wrong, I am a proud American and i have made more than my fair share of mistakes in the past. I have overspent, underplaned and suffered the consequnces.

What prompted this post? This story:

Summary: The post prints a cartoon parodying the chip attack and the stimulous bill. Al Sharpton and his militant black freinds all get pissed and say that it is racist.

My take: Why the hell do they always have to play the race card? Why can some people not see the ridiculousness of the whole situation? No person that truly understands the “stimulous” bill can really tell me that it is going to do anything for the average person except delay the inevitable. If you can not afford your house there is probably a reason for it.

I am my family have been there. We had an ARM mortgage. WE paid it on time every month. When the job situation raised its head we did what we could but ended up having to move. We rent now and have to support the family here. this means that we have been unable to pay the mortgage on the house since September. I see foreclosure in the future if it is not sold. Does this make me a bad guy? I don’t think so.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that we signed a contract to sell it yesterday. It looks like we are going to be able to save what little credit rating we have left and move on. It is a huge burden off of us. Would the ‘stimulous” bill have helped us? Probably not. Instead of staying in the house and being unemployed I went looking for a job because working is the answer to stimulating the ecomomy. Work, Evaluate your lifestyle, and support your local economy. Problem fixed.

Not letting a bunch of politicians write a bill that could have better been written by chimpanzees….


Technology and the President

   Posted by: BeerMkr

I fail to understand why the greatest nation on earth hampers communication for its leader. We have been using email and cell phones within the military for years and apparently the President is not allowed to have either?

We have the encryption capability to send a Top Secret comunication over a wire or through the air where anyone can intercept it but not read it and we can only just now figure a way for the PRESIDENT to have a cell phone?

We need to bring this country into the real world of communications….



Obesity Tax???

   Posted by: BeerMkr

So I was reading CNN… I know, I know… Mike you don’t read the news or watch it on TV why are you reading it on line? This caught my eye:

Apparently the Governor of NY wants to put a tax on sugared drinks. Come on… I am constantly amazed at how much politicians want to legislate our health. He has some points about smoking and being a supporter of no smoking bans I guess I have to go along with that part of the story. My question is where do we stop with the taxes thing. Next we will be taxing my candy bar, or charging a penalty for a birthday cake. Or Oreo’s. Etcetera.

Why can’t they all figure out that the problem is not that kids drink soda’s, it is because they do not get off their asses and do anything. We need to quit coddling them and make them run every morning in school. From Kindergarten on…

Recess needs to be active play not sitting around. You want to sit around or get on the computer? Do some situps and pushups to earn it. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the picture of health. I could stand to lose a few pounds. I also walk to work most mornings and home in the afternoon. I take the stairs when I am there and not the elevator. I move around a fair amount. I am watching what I eat and drinking way more water than I have in a while.

Tell your legislators that we do not need more taxes. We need more action.


Obama and Hillary

   Posted by: BeerMkr

I get a kick out of all the news stories about how he said she had no skills and now she does. I fail to understand why all of us can’t get it through our heads that during an election ALL the candidates will say whatever it takes to make their opponent look bad.

It stands to reason that Hillary has met all these world leaders. After all she was married to the President. Now how they feel about her is a different matter. We shall all see won’t we?




   Posted by: BeerMkr

I tell you what… I am about sick of all this bailout talk. Where the heck is my bailout?

I had high hopes for Allan Mulaley (new Ford CEO). I have been a Ford fan from the start of my driving career and had hoped that someone outside of the industry could shed some light on the problems we face when it comes to cars. Then I get to hear that he (and GM and Chrysler) flew to Washington to ask for $25B and they flew in private jets! What I want to know is when the last time any of these guys had to fly coach. I would KILL for first class any day of the week. Come on get real.

Next I see that President Bush has said that there will be more bailouts “as needed”. Hey President Bush, “Over Here!!!!”. I am raising my hand now. Heck I would be happy with $200K much less $25B! Even $20K would be a nice gesture I think 🙂

One of these days we are going to fix this problem. The problem is not that we spend too much, well okay it is, but whay we spend too much. We need to enact term limits in Congress. The problem is you have to get all the congressmen to agree to firing themselves after a certain period. I mean really, 25 years in Congress? There is a reason we limit the president, why should we not limit all public servants? Seems to me that we would get a lot more new eyes on things and a lot less wastefull spending. I am convinced that people go into politics to make money, not do public service. Have you ever thought about how well most politicians live? They automatically are in the “tax cuts for the wealthiest” bracket.

I heard about a new congressman that brought a cot to sleep on during session. BRAVO. Set the example for these old crusty bastards.

Well enough politics for today.