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So we have one of these ridiculous mortgages and are actively trying to sell our house while we move to Radford. A friend of mine sent me this YouTube Video and I was floored. I know it is a political statement but the fact finding behind it is pretty impressive.

Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis? V2

Leave out the obvious political side of it and the facts are interesting when you see the origin of all this financial destruction going on.

It goes back to my observations on why we as Americans have to have everything bigger and better. When we bought this current house we decreased our house size. The realtors were upset with us because they wanted us to buy a bigger house. We moved out of a 2700sf 6 bedroom house that 3 people lived in to a 1400sf house with a bigger yard. Seems to make sense to me.




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Welcome to the new home of the Pensinger Family. Here you will find the rantings of our family as we go through life. We are an interesting collection of people who live some strange lives sometimes.

Mike is a Proffessional Brewer (yes that means he makes beer to pay the bills) and is currently the head brewer for The River Company Restaurant and Brewery in Radford VA.

Mellissa is a Proffessional Mom and also sells Partylite Candles.

Rebekka is a Proffessional Student (a Senior in High School) and is transferring to Pulaski County High in a couple of weeks when she and her mom move to Radford.

I hope to keep up with this site and I hope someone finds it interesting. I am a little irreverent when it comes to things so bear with me.

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