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Make your kids use their seatbelts!

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Some of you may know that a few years back I witnessed a car wreck on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach. Three teenagers in a S-10 Blazer pulled out in front of a woman and the Blazer was flipped on its side. It spun around once and flipped over ejecting a young girl from the passenger side. She was crushed under the roof of the vehicle. I sprinted across the road and basically lifted the vehicle off of her.

Unfortunately it was no use. She died on the way to the hospital. It was a trajic loss. The driver was her boyfriend and I don’t think he ever got over it. The thing about it is that it could have been prevented. Maybe we will never get teenagers to stop screwing around while they are driving but one thing we can absolutely do is MAKE the wear their seatbelts.

Why this sudden remembering of an accident that happend 5 years ago? On the way home tonight from a movie in Christiansburg we came around a corner on a country road to two cars crushed on each side of the road. It appeared to be a drivers side head on collision. We were the second or thirde ones on the scene and old habits die hard. We each went and assessed the occupants.

One was a mid 20s woman who appeared to have a broken wrist and some bruising from the airbag.

The other was a 16 year old male. He had apparently just gotten his provisionary license and had taken the corner too fast on a dark rainy night and crossed the center line.

Both cars were totalled. His car had no drivers side from the wind shield forward. No windshield and the car was obviously bend through the passenger compartment. The drivers front rim had had the edge of the rim peeled off. Her car was in the same condition. Her door would not open and the roof was buckled.

He was out of the car and concerned about her. He had a broken leg and a broken arm apparently but had gotten out of the car under his own power.

The thing about both of them….. she still had her seatbelt on when I got to her. I assume he had his on because I do not see how he would have lived through the impact otherwise.

Two people, one just a kid and one a young mother saved becasue they had the foresight to buckle a belt on.

If you see your child without a belt on, think about the worst thing that could happen and MAKE them use their belts. Take their license away if you have too. It may save their life.


Associations and fun with CMS

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I have been furiously updating one of my association web sites ( and adding a CMS… Content Managemnet System to it. It is not live yet but coming along just fine. I went to add a blog section and sure enough it doesn’t let me configure it. Please people, if there is something specific you need to do to make something work please tell us. I spent the last 2 hours searching around for a solution ad found people who are using this plugin for e107 and they got it to work. Why is it that I have a problem?

Never fails. But hey my provider is upgrading our servers and I am getting redundent mirrored servers and a new control panel out of the deal. Once it is up I wll be able to add some new gallery software to the site and off I go!



Driving again…

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So I was driving back to Chesapeake from Radford last night and I had the cruise set for about 65-70mph. Maybe a couple miles an hour faster but that is neither here nor there in this story.

I am around Williamsburg and in the left lane (you know, the fast lane) and I come up on a little black car. She is going a little slower than me so I back off the cruise and match speed. I also hang back about 45-50 feet. A reasonable distance. She slows down. I slow down. She speeds up. I speed up. Finally she gets over in the right lane. I speed up a little. and go to pass her.

I swear as I pass by her I look over and she gives me the one finger salute. A little slip of a blonde girl flipped off the 266lb (I have lost 10 pounds) guy in the big diesel truck!

I waved to her and kept going.

Sometimes I wonder about people.

I mean if I had been riding on her tail and flashing my lights and all that ridiculous crap then I could understand the salute. But the fact is that I was not. What prompted this I wonder. Did she feel like she had a right to sit in that lane and somehow I encroached on her rights? Heck if it had kept up I would have passed her on the right if I needed to.

Somewhere we have gone wrong in our society. When I learned to drive I was taught to stay in the right lane unless you were passing someone. I was taught to give way to people getting on the highway. Move over and let them get on. Why be an ass. I guess everyone feels that they should OWN the road, not SHARE it like it should be.

More later…

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