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Steam Stack!

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We installed the kettle steam stack at the brewery today. It is an 8″ piece of stainless vent with copper bands around the joints to give it some more rigidity and cover the ugly joints.


Cold Liquor Tank Part III

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Okay it is almost done. We wrapped the copper bands and screwed it into each board to secure the slats in place. Three bands and 156 screws later and I think it looks pretty cool.

A close up of the band and screws.

The “finished” product. The finish is an oil preservative that really made the bands stand out.

We will have the rest of the plumbing hooked up this week and fill it up for a test cool.


First night of school

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So school starts tonight. I am interested to see how it goes. The classes I am taking are somewhat easy if you look at my background but I guess they will get me back in the swing of school. We shall see.

Web Page Design I is tonight.

More later….


Technology and the President

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I fail to understand why the greatest nation on earth hampers communication for its leader. We have been using email and cell phones within the military for years and apparently the President is not allowed to have either?

We have the encryption capability to send a Top Secret comunication over a wire or through the air where anyone can intercept it but not read it and we can only just now figure a way for the PRESIDENT to have a cell phone?

We need to bring this country into the real world of communications….



Cold Liquor Tank Part II

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Not a big blurb but just a picture of the copper bands we folded up yesterday to go around the barrel.

They are 3 inches wide and 14 feet long. Quite a trick on a 10 foot metal brake!