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Human Being Frustration

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So I did something I never do today. I was on my way to class and I saw a guy hitchhiking. I stopped and picked his mangy ass up.

Now I normally don’t do this but I am pretty sure I have seen this guy before and I figured it was a good thing to do. He climbs into the truck and say this is the best thing that has happened to him and proceeds to lay out his life’s story to me. About mid way through I realize he is telling me this to see if I will give him some cash too….

Come on! I picked him up. Once he figured out that I was not going to offer him any money he asked to get out at the next light. Seems to me it would have been way more efficient to just stand on the corner with a sign than ride back and forth on this road panhandling anyone who happens to be good enough to pick him up.



Made in USA

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I am a huge proponent of keeping manufacturing in the states. We just can not afford to send all our jobs overseas and lose our ability to produce quality goods.

The problem is sometimes my faith in US manufacture is shaken. Let me tell you about today at work.

We have round tables for our banquet room. There are 15 of them and 10 of them are warped. I think it is becasue they are using the cheapest plywood they can find to make it. So we called the company and the sent us some replacements. The new ones showed up warped. We refused the shipment. Today the truck showed up with 10 new tables and they are straight. The problem is that the quality of the construction plain-old sucks. There are chunks for wood sticking out from the edging and the plywood is covered in filled knots.

Why would any company send out product like this. It is almost like they just expect to ride on the big Made in USA sticker on the bottom.

Quality control is why the Japanese are wupping our ass in cars (Ford is getting there), and why people are getting frustrated with US builders.

Get it together guys or we are going to sink deeper into the muck we are in.