All Dogs Go to Heaven

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It is a sad day today. We said goodbye to our beloved pet, friend and family member Guinness tonight. He has been sick for about 3 weeks and lost over 25 pounds. The vets could not pin it down without exploratory surgery and were pretty convinced that he had widespread cancers. We made the hard decision to have him put to sleep today. He passed quickly and painlessly while I held him in my arms. He was gone before they were done injecting the solution. I guess it was time and he knew it.

I have owned a number of dogs throughout my life and consider myself a dog person. Guinness came to us in one of the most unusual ways. Mellissa was working as a school bus driver in 1997 in Virginia Beach, VA. During a stop at a 7-11 for a drink she threw some garbage in the dumpster and heard something. It turned out to be Guinness tied up in a plastic shopping bag and left to die. She brought him home to me at 3 weeks old and he literally fit in my hand. He was weak and we had to feed him by hand for the next 4 weeks.

He grew up to be one of the smartest dogs I have ever come across. I often joked that he was too smart to fetch because that was one of the things I could never get him to do. He learned to sit and stay and lay down all by hand signals alone. I taught him to heal by sight just in the last 2 months since we have been in Radford. He never ceased to amaze me.

Guinness in the car with Bekka and Sophia

Guinness telling Dad its time to go

At Peace at last

My Pet, My Friend, My Family
Rest in Peace
Guinness Pensinger
December 1997 – November 2008