My Probe GT

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This page is about my 1990 Probe GT. It is currently for sale at $1200.

Front view. It has a wierd depression in the front bumper. When I got it the hood had a dent to the left of left headlight and the bumper was pushed down. I have replaced the hood but not gotten around to pulling the bumper off and fixing the support undeneath.

2002 Mustang GT rims with 245/35zr17 Continental ContiSport Contact2 tires. Rear fenders rolled to accomodate the tires.

Close up of the front bumper.

Shot from the rear. Odd dent in the hatch. I have a new hatch to replace this one.

Interior. You can see the brake fluid stain on the carpet from the clutch master cylinder. Interior is in good shape except for: Trip computer cover, headliner and a couple small rips in the seats. I have a set of Tenzo type Rally seat in grey and black to put in the car.