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Driving again…

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So I was driving back to Chesapeake from Radford last night and I had the cruise set for about 65-70mph. Maybe a couple miles an hour faster but that is neither here nor there in this story.

I am around Williamsburg and in the left lane (you know, the fast lane) and I come up on a little black car. She is going a little slower than me so I back off the cruise and match speed. I also hang back about 45-50 feet. A reasonable distance. She slows down. I slow down. She speeds up. I speed up. Finally she gets over in the right lane. I speed up a little. and go to pass her.

I swear as I pass by her I look over and she gives me the one finger salute. A little slip of a blonde girl flipped off the 266lb (I have lost 10 pounds) guy in the big diesel truck!

I waved to her and kept going.

Sometimes I wonder about people.

I mean if I had been riding on her tail and flashing my lights and all that ridiculous crap then I could understand the salute. But the fact is that I was not. What prompted this I wonder. Did she feel like she had a right to sit in that lane and somehow I encroached on her rights? Heck if it had kept up I would have passed her on the right if I needed to.

Somewhere we have gone wrong in our society. When I learned to drive I was taught to stay in the right lane unless you were passing someone. I was taught to give way to people getting on the highway. Move over and let them get on. Why be an ass. I guess everyone feels that they should OWN the road, not SHARE it like it should be.

More later…

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